Facebook is moving beyond more than just the usual social media platform where people post and share content. The company has been catering more and more to businesses/retailers alike allowing brands to target customers better. It is not only investing in a new mapping system but it is also boosting its role in the publishing ecosystem. Despite contentions that some of these moves may only reach a smaller audience than previous systems, Facebook claims that the reach and engagement should be better. Is the social platform a good bet for businesses?


Facebook Publishing


Facebook has been expanding its publishing capabilities lately trying its hand on publisher’s ad targeting and pitching articles to be directly posted on the social media platform.


There is focus on “interest- targeting” as well allowing publishers to direct their content to a specific set of followers depending on what pages they liked. Interest-targeting will feed off content related to the interest of the users and not to anyone else. It may reach a smaller audience but engagement should offer more potential according to Facebook. These posts offer more likes, shares and comments compared to non-targeted content. It should also be beneficial for businesses in the long run as this may offer higher conversion rate with a more dedicated user following.


Facebook did warn that interest targeting should be used with caution so as not to raise flags from users and other parties. As with other marketing ploys or gimmicks, moderation is key.


New Facebook and Nokia Partnership


Recently, Facebook and Nokia quietly inked a deal to boost and power up maps on several of its platforms. Facebook has started using Here maps for its mobile edition with the company testing the new system to boost power location in native apps such as Messenger and Instagram.


The move not only presents Facebook users with a new enjoyable experience but it can also support geocoding better. Geocoding can offer significant insights on consumer or user behavior for future references of Facebook and businesses.


Social media continues to shape up as an influential platform for many online parties including businesses. As its reach is unparalleled, businesses and brands alike can be in a unique and strategic position to encourage more patrons should they utilize it properly.