Facebook has been testing a new feature that could have real impact on its News Feeds. However, the burning question is whether this could also impact brands. As with previous rollouts from the company, any changes on how people see content may mean revised social media dynamics for companies.

New User Option

As have been reported previously, Facebook has started testing a new option for users that allow them to choose pages and people that will appear in their News Feed. Facebook did confirm about the test but refused to provide additional details on it.

If the rollout continues then it could be a turning point for the social media network. Previously, Facebook is best known for tweaking its algorithm based on more control instead of less. More control on the user’s part now poses questions for brands such as how much will people use it and what brands are more likely to be chosen.

Most analysts seem to agree that entertaining content could be a game changer for many brands. People are more likely to choose brands they have been inclined to from before but a company’s chance of showing up more will predominantly rely on their content. Brands could make the cut immediately based on the user’s interest but “so-so” content will only endanger that position. Users are not likely to let a brand stay in their feed if they find their information feed bland.

Whereas media brands may have an advantage with the possibility of Instant Articles, any brand stands a chance if they have compelling content or at least information good enough to build a certain rapport with users. Likewise, the content should create a certain rapport  that could also encourage people to share the content for more exposure – as with all online marketing endeavors content still sits on the throne as top priority.