Facebook Pages have been a well debated platform online. There is always the constant question whether it brings businesses the online advantage they want. Fortunately, businesses may now have the answer as recent stats suggest that Facebook Pages do get the hits.

Key figures from Locowise, a social analytics and reporting firm, suggest the following:

  • Organic likes for Facebook pages increased by as much as 0.2 percent as opposed to the 1.95 percent of Instagram.
  • Stats also suggest that reach per post accounts for 8.34 percent of page likes.
  • This means that engagement per post amounted to as much as 6.61 percent considering the number of users reached.

Users who liked pages were more inclined to check out the videos accounting for 11.86 percent of total viewings. Links gathered as much as 9 percent while photos and status updates got 7.86 percent and 6.12 percent respectively.

As for engagement, photos got the most with 7.06 percent followed up by videos at 6.61 percent, links at 4.37 percent and status updates 3.34 percent.

Regardless of the brand, the current stats should mean a lot for advertisers. Facebook continues to experiment on the features of its platform but it is clear that the company is aiming for better visibility for brands. As for marketers, it is all about knowing how to play with the numbers and giving people what they are most likely inclined to engage it. The newest stats are not just relevant for Facebook but also on the effect of Instagram – a platform that brands may as well be in the best position to take advantage of.


Footnote: http://locowise.com/blog/how-not-to-do-your-social-media-customer-support