Facebook Partners Categories is now finally available in Australia. It is a powerful feature that allows marketers to extend their brands to target markets that show key attributes relevant to their offerings. More importantly, the brand reaches people inclined towards their services/products based on their offline or off-Facebook activities.


What Facebook Allowed Previously

Until the present, marketers have only been able to promote their brands to people based on their Facebook activities and information. For instance, brands show up on a person’s news feed depending on their gender, age, hobbies and liked pages.


Through Partner Categories, advertisers can now present their ads to people following their off-Facebook activities. For instance, buying sports goods. To deliver such feature, Facebook has started working with Quantium, Experian and Acxiom.


Getting To Know Your Followers

Partner Categories not only extends the reach of brands, marketers can now learn more about their target market through third-party app data. This also allows them to target ads on a broader scale of audience. For instance, you can promote to people who have been buying pet food offline but might be inclined to purchase online if the deal is right.


Facebook has yet to announce which categories will be available in Australia but regardless, it should be a great help to all marketers. The new Partner Categories feature from Facebook should open up more opportunities for marketers and brands. This will also lead to more targeted ads that can increase business or income stream for companies. However, brands may have to analyze the surge of data further to make sure their ads remain relevant. As a rule of thumb, marketers should resist the one-size fits all approach. Likewise, it is best to keep things focused on a target group for stronger return.