WHY A yoursocialvillage FRANCHISE:


    • NO TECH SKILL REQUIRED – As a Your Social Village Franchisee we do all the hard work for you including, providing the marketing expertise to develop customer solutions that integrate with their pre-existing marketing plans. Our professional Journalists create the blogs and posts to support the plan and our technical people post onto the customer’s social media sites on their behalf.


    • PROFESSIONAL ROLE – A Your Social Village Franchisee is a professional in every sense of the word. Recognised for their expertise and capacity to positively impact a client’s business outcomes and respected for their marketing, social media, content marketing knowledge and the ability to bring a team of specialists together for the benefit of his or her client.


    • ANNUITY AND HIGH MARGIN INCOME – A great benefit of our franchise system is that the solutions are long term customer commitments paid monthly. Every month as you add new clients the remuneration increases accordingly. The amount of clients you take on is up to you. We put no cap on the potential volume of clients you successfully contract.


    • NO STOCK AND STAFF – Your Social Village Franchisees do not need to purchase stock or manage staff if they don’t wish to. All solutions are cloud based meaning they are delivered via the internet. Your valuable capital is not required to fund stock levels or pay salaries. All of this means you can become profitable very quickly.


    • WORK FROM HOME – Your Social Village franchisees can choose to work from a home office arrangement which means you have the benefit of lower overheads without the need for long term office lease commitments. It also means from a life style perspective you can forget about that daily peak hour commute into the city and be more productive than ever before.


    • HIGH QUALITY SOLUTIONS – A major benefit of the franchise system is we deliver the solutions on your behalf managing the quality of the service so you can always have confidence in a consistent standard of solution. No need for you to be delivering services yourself where your service capacity starts to fall off according to how many clients you are trying to take on. Our marketers and Journalists are all highly qualified professionals and a great addition to your virtual team.


    • INDUSTRY LEADING – The technology we employ is the very latest in the field of IT and social media content delivery. We are constantly looking to add new technologies into our operation from customer CRM, accounting, security, scheduling, sentiment analysis and marketing.


    • EXCLUSIVE SECURITY OFFERINGS – One of the great benefits of our franchise is that we have secured rights to unique security applications that work to protect our clients from identity theft, malware, inappropriate posts and even online bullying and harassment. The world of social media is often feared by clients because of the potential threat to their brand or potential usage abuse by employees. These issues we can successfully address. What’s even better is these solutions are unique to our franchise.



You sell and account manage your clients – WE DO EVERYTHING ELSE

For all enquiries, please complete the Expression of Interest form or call Mark Veitch on 0418 823 843.


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