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Founded in January 2013, Your Social Village is a social media and digital marketing agency able to work with your company on a specific project or task, right through to a full outsource of your social and digital marketing needs.

We have worked with a full range of companies from a one person on-line retailer in country Victoria through to a multi-national Telco with its head offices in Nashville, Tennessee. And we have worked in a vast array of industry sectors including mobile coffee vans, specialty retail, growers, medical, tourism, technology, banking and finance, non-profit, event companies, franchises group, and even the adult industry.

Through this vast experience we have come to learn what platforms can be leveraged to drive real business outcomes for a specific industry and demographic all with the measurable objective of providing a genuine return on investment.

Our unique approach gives you the ability to have input and approval of everything posted to your platforms at an affordable price to fit into the smallest marketing budget. And each month we provide you with an analysis of what worked well, what could have worked better and what was achieved from your investment including sales if that is important to you.

As a specialist social media and digital marketing agency, we are always working at the leading edge of the sector, which today includes Messenger Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. With the rapid advancement and adoption of these technologies and the growth of the Internet of Things (IOT), we are able to advise and implement technologies to rapidly increase your social media and digital marketing results while driving down the investment required.

Our latest product LURE is a Messenger chatbot that automatically retargets potential customers who have abandoned a purchase on your website or social platform and is achieving phenomenal success for the early adopters of this product and technology.

Social media has become the most cost effective and measurable digital marketing strategy today. If you are not seeing real return from your social media platforms or digital marketing campaigns, call us for a chat. You have nothing to loose!

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