Can You Really Outsource Your Social Media?

Can You Really Outsource Your Social Media?

Can You Really Outsource Your Social Media?

Social media is a powerful tool that is here to stay.  And most businesses of all sizes acknowledge that having a well-integrated social media presence as part of their marketing mix is vital to their success.

However, many are still torn with the notion on whether to manage the process in-house or get outside help.

Like most things in life, this topic is certainly not a simple matter of black or white. It encompasses a wide range of approaches which may include the right time to do it, or the place, or which tool, depending on your company’s specific goals, size and culture.

The benefits of not outsourcing your social media management

The usual comment against outsourcing is that no agency can understand our company and brand as well as we can. Let’s be realistic. You will always know your business best, and ssocial media agencies have people who are mostly experts on social media and digital marketing not your company. Ultimately it’s easy to conclude if you have the resources and time to do it yourself there’s little doubt that is the best solution.

Handling the management of your brand’s social media means you have complete control of its voice, profiles, online communications, and to an extent, its reputation.

If you look after your own social media publishing that also gives certain freedoms. For example, you can update content about your business as and when you want including as things happen. Maybe you are at an event and want to share photos from that event, take a photo with your smart phone and upload it directly to Facebook or do a Live Video feed. Content, statements, and changes in strategy, among others can be communicated immediately.

Your business will get 100 percent focus, and attention won’t be shared with several other clients of the agency. If you have the resources and time available.

Outsourcing your social media often gets criticized as lacking authenticity. Will an agency post content and commentary that is genuinely representing the brand?  This is certainly a potential concern for followers who think they are communicating with the company. Can they be certain they are hearing what the company truly wants said?  Moreover, some responses occasionally require that personal and authoritative touch, and who can give it better than the business owner?

The benefits of outsourcing your social media management

Yes, you know your business better than anyone. Yes, you can have a genuine, more sincere, interaction with your customers if you handle your brand monitoring yourself personally. Yes, you will have complete control of your business’ voice, profiles, online communications and reputation if you see to it yourself.

But the big questions are: Do you have time for it? Does your company have the resources to devote time and effort in monitoring your brand’s social media presence? Do you have the skills and knowledge in the various social media applications available? Can you handle the brand’s security as well? Will you do it consistently or only when you have the time? Will you know what messaging works? Will you know which platforms are right for your business? Will you know what to do if someone is highly critical of your business? Will you inflame the situation or will you appease your critic and win them back? Will you know when and how to use paid advertising? Will you keep up with the constant changes of the current platforms and be aware of the new trends?

So to the case for outsourcing your social media.

By handing over your social media management, you and the members of your staff will have more time to focus on your business. This is what you and your staff are good at and this approach means you keep your focus on the things you do well.

Managing your business’ social media can be time consuming and stressful. Several surveys have showed that the average small business spends at least five hours a week managing their social media. If that sounds like too big a commitment then consider that five hours a week probably isn’t half way near enough to do it properly. Consider the need to integrate your current marketing campaign, maybe it means loading your new product range, all 100 images into Pinterest, maybe it’s answering the umpteenth product recall or warranty request via Facebook and Twitter that finally makes you realize you have better things to do with your time. Don’t even think about researching interesting articles about your area of expertise or writing that weekly 1000 word blog to help gain new followers and demonstrate your leadership within the industry you occupy. But do wonder how your competitor might be doing it, where do they get the time? They must have more resources than you? So how do you compete?

Putting a value on your time is critical ultimately to your business success. Do what makes you money, do what you are good at, don’t do what you aren’t good at, leave that to the professionals.

In the same sense, you probably don’t do your own tax return; you get specialists to develop your marketing campaigns, specialists to help you with your IT solutions and numerous other areas, so you should seriously consider outsourcing your social media for the same reason.

Together, you and your outsourcing company can create a brand with a highly competent social presence which may actually be a shared responsibility.

Your Social Village — the answer to your social media management concerns

Your Social Village has the necessary people who can get the job done properly and efficiently. The company has certainly shown its knack for creating workable campaigns, applying the strategies, and collecting and interpreting the data. Your Social Village will help your business grow and represent your brand seamlessly among the customers old and new.

Your Social Village can provide up to date advice on the most effective social media strategies for your business. This is critically important in this rapidly changing, ever expanding world of social media. What works for one business may not work for another, you need specialist advice to help you navigate this world to maximize the effectiveness for your business.

Your Social Village can show you real customer examples where social media ROI is in excess of 10x spend and where we have customers spending 90% of their marketing budget (in some cases a 6 figure marketing budget) with us because they are getting the demonstrable results. And we can show you how a minimal investment can have a major impact to your sales quickly.

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About Your Social Village:  Your Social Village is a Specialist Social Media company based in Australia providing solutions to small, medium and enterprise companies globally.




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