Engagement 101: How Do You Tailor Your Brand’s Social Media Messaging?

Engagement 101: How Do You Tailor Your Brand’s Social Media Messaging?


Why is it necessary to tailor your brand’s social media messaging?

The online world is vast! There are now over 200 social networking sites with over 2 billion people from around the globe using the Internet and social media for a number of reasons. This number is expected to double to more than 4 billion users by next year – which is around 60 percent of the Earth’s population.


With the significant number of people hanging out on social media platforms, more and more companies are now increasingly making use of this phenomenon to market their products, goods and services online.


Creating a business page on any social media platform is relatively easy but to make your social media marketing campaigns effective, you need to know which platform to use, where your target audience usually hang out and what kind of content you need to give them. To sum that up, you need to tailor your brand’s social media messaging.


It is necessary for you to tailor your brand’s social media messaging to help you take the right and comprehensive approach to market your product or service online, which will then result in an effective campaign. This will also help you in growing your social media reach, so it is important to make your content more platform-specific.


How exactly do you tailor your brand’s social media messaging?


1.) Get to know each social media platform to know the kind of content your followers need.


FACEBOOK: To capture your followers’ attention on this social networking site, you are required to create more than just short generic posts. They would want to read something that goes beyond mere content. They would want to read a story or maybe view something that will amuse them, entertain them. So try and create posts where you can have an ongoing conversation with your audience or post an eye-catching image with an intriguing caption.


TWITTER: This is a micro-blogging site that only allows you to deliver a message of 140 characters so your posts need to be more straight-to-the-point and easily digestible. Users on this site are the type to drop by and say hi or read a news headline before rushing off to work or attend to a pressing matter.


LINKEDIN: This is a more formal social networking site if you compare it with the other social media giants like Facebook, Pinterest, GooglePlus or Twitter. Since this social media platform is mostly used by marketers and business owners to build business-to-business relationships with other companies or industries, this is a good place to share background information about yourself or your company.


PINTEREST: This video-sharing and picture-pinning site requires you to post highly attractive photos to attract your audience’s attention. Make the images tell your story!


GOOGLEPLUS: This social networking site is like a combination of all social networking sites. You need to add hashtags to relevant messages; you need to tag individuals, products and services you mention in your posts; you need to put highly attractive images to make your post stand out; and, unlike Twitter but a bit like Facebook, you need to try and make your posts longer.


2.) After getting to know some of the more popular social networking sites, you need to make sure you use different approaches suitable to each to get your information across to your target audience. Each social media outlet needs a different strategy, so you need a different approach to each channel.


3.) Stay personal. Don’t just open a social media account for your business on any social networking site to sell a product or service. Be interactive and always remember that the main reason you’re on social media is to grow long-term relationships with your present and prospective customers.


You need to tailor your brand’s social media messaging to get a better response from your target audience. Get to know the social media platforms you wish to be in and get to know your present and prospective customers – once you master that, your content will reflect it.


There are still a number of companies out there who don’t get social media. They don’t get that just creating an account won’t give them magical results and increase their brand’s visibility online.


If you want to succeed on social media, you need to put in more time and effort to make your marketing campaigns work. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your time. You need to constantly plan your campaigns and monitor to see if they’re working with your audience.


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