How Facebook is Proving Successful in Sales Generation for Small & Medium Size Companies

How Facebook is Proving Successful in Sales Generation for Small & Medium Size Companies

How Facebook is Proving Successful in Sales Generation for Small & Medium Size Companies?

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool. Facebook being one of the world’s largest social media platforms has taken social media to the next level by helping businesses get more popular and boost sales. Facebook has more than 1.2 billion daily active subscribers. According to Mark Zuckerberg, more than 2 million small businesses are using Facebook as an advertisement platform. Due to the number of people on the platform, it has become one of the most invaluable assets for companies with a desire to grow their user base and consequently generate more income. So, why is Facebook such an asset for small and medium-sized businesses?

Cost efficient

Traditionally, marketing has been one of the most significant spending items for most companies looking to put their name out there. For example, placing an ad on TV will require that you hire a model and an advertisement agency. When it comes to marketing with Facebook, on the other hand, things are relatively more straightforward and less expensive. The costs of advertising on Facebook are a fraction of what different advertisement mediums would require. This makes it the best form of marketing for small businesses who have a more constrained budget. Scaling the ads is also simpler and cheaper.

Targeted advertising

Data is the driving force behind this new kind of advertisement. Since Facebook is a social media platform, it collects information about users and uses it to perform more surgical advertisements than before. Using the data available, Facebook is then able to determine who gets to see the ad and who doesn’t. When posting an ad on Facebook, the platform asks for preferences the business owner might have. For example, if we are dealing with a clothing store for millennials, you will give some age restrictions for your ad. That way, a 24-year-old can see the ad but a 35-year-old will not. What’s more, you can be specific about the geographical area you want your ad to be seen. That way, if you have a coffee shop in Balmain, then only Balmain residents can see your advertisement.

Boosting website traffic

For any online business to succeed, it’s imperative to have a loyal following on the internet. The primary source of information on the company is mostly its website and Facebook pages. When you get a loyal following on the platform, you will be then able to direct your clients to your site more easily. Creating engaging posts is the key here. When customers feel that they are engaged with you, they are more likely to head over to your website which with a few creative copywriting solutions, you can then make a conversion.

Facebook is more than a medium to connect. It is a great marketing tool for businesses that want to not only increase their revenues but also to increase brand recognition and visibility. When you use Facebook correctly, you will help your business to grow and stay ahead of the curve. Since social media is only getting more popular, driving business through it is not just smart, it is sustainable. Marketing on social media is the future. Any business that wants to make a difference must embrace this or be left behind.

Your Social Village — the answer to your social media management concerns

Your Social Village has the necessary people who can get the job done properly and efficiently. The company has certainly shown its knack for creating workable campaigns, applying the strategies, and collecting and interpreting the data. Your Social Village will help your business grow and represent your brand seamlessly among the customers old and new.

Your Social Village can provide up to date advice on the most effective social media strategies for your business. This is critically important in this rapidly changing, ever expanding world of social media. What works for one business may not work for another, you need specialist advice to help you navigate this world to maximize the effectiveness for your business.

Your Social Village can show you real customer examples where social media ROI is in excess of 10x spend and where we have customers spending 90% of their marketing budget (in some cases a 6 figure marketing budget) with us because they are getting the demonstrable results. And we can show you how a minimal investment can have a major impact to your sales quickly.

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