How To Create Quality Content For Your Brand On Social Media

How To Create Quality Content For Your Brand On Social Media

Create Quality Content For Your Brand

Does creating quality content for my site and social media accounts really matter?

Would anybody notice if I misspell words or if there are errors on my copy? Will my target audience really read the contents of my page? Would anybody care if I posted a poor copy about a certain topic? Should I continue to invest in producing high-quality content?


The answer to these questions is: Yes!


If you keep producing content full of errors, it’s going to leave a poor impression of your brand and that is definitely not a good thing. If you don’t want your target audience to gravitate to your competitor’s site or social media pages, then you should make every effort to deliver relevant, entertaining, compelling, “quality” content. Most big businesses today recognize that producing superior content is the best way to enhance their brands, connect with prospective customers and grow their revenues. So my advice to you is, follow their lead!



With more than a billion Facebook users, brands would always want to know how to tap into such a large audience. Here’s a secret I learned from constant research and observation: Volume isn’t everything! But if you consistently post interesting, well-written copy coupled with compelling photos, users will take notice. And yes, regardless of whether your messages are brief or long, if they’re well written, interesting and relevant to your target audience, people will definitely take notice.



Coming up with catchy and compelling tweets can sometimes be challenging, the main thing you should take note of is to try and tell an interesting “story” about your brand or relevant events about your company – yes, in 140 characters. Who doesn’t like to read an interesting story? The other key attribute of Twitter is its immediacy and a majority of users remained glued to twitter because of it. If you have some breaking news make sure you deliver it on Twitter, the rewards will be there.



I try not to over-share my posts, but when you do post on LinkedIn for example, make sure you are sharing the best quality content you have available. This platform is a genuine showcase for your professional reputation so always put your best foot forward on LinkedIn. Consider the images you attach to articles as well. On LinkedIn a strong image could well make the difference between being ignored or read by your audience. The best proof is when you see your post being reposted by numerous other people. When this happens, the reach of your message can be tripled or more and its at no cost to you. This just reinforces the need for quality content that resonates with your audience



GooglePlus allows you to share a mixture of content like videos, infographics and photos. So take advantage of that and don’t just share links and texts. Even more critically GooglePlus-based material is weighed heavily in your favor in terms of Google ranking. Using this platform will significantly enhance your web presence which is a benefit you can’t ignore.



Always remember that there’s more to being on Pinterest than just pinning photos – it’s a great way to show your company’s personality! So think carefully about what you share with your target audience.


Having a presence on social media is a must for businesses in today’s digital environment. But creating a site or having pages on some social media platforms is only the tip of the iceberg. You need to be visible to your present and prospective customers, engage with them, answer their comments and queries, plan contests or webinars or other social media “fun parties” to make your page lively and interesting, and post news and events about your brand, among others. Sounds overwhelming? That’s what Your Social Village is here for! We can help your brand stand out on social media – and yes, we will do all the work for you! Want to know more? Contact us now!





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