Results-Driven Social Media Package Solutions for Businesses of All Sizes


No matter what business you’re in or what size it is, this very second your prospects and customers are interacting on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

The fact is, if you do not engage these people and monitor your social image, you can be certain that your competition will be out there poaching your customers and stealing your market share.


The problem is that you’re time poor and busy, and social media marketing is a specialist skill like anything else.

That’s why we have developed a range of social media packages that allow busy business owners and marketing managers the freedom and benefits of outsourcing their social media strategy and its implementation, so they can focus on what they do well.

As business owners ourselves, we know and understand that social media is not a one size fits all which is why we have created an “a la carte” list of services that you are able to pick and choose as you wish. Email us at or call us on 1300 199 320 so we can help you tailor a plan to suit your specific business objectives and outcomes.

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How Your Social Media Marketing Will Evolve into Engaging, Valuable and Profitable Return on Investment

Content Creation:

This involves researching, writing and posting content that builds interest around your products and services while enhancing your industry expertise and authority.


Profile Monitoring and Curation:

This service provides alerts on any new contacts, feedback, leads, opportunities or possible threats so you are always in touch with your market. Plus, the profile scan is completed twice a day so you always know what’s happening in your social network.


Build Social Audience:

This is perfect for identifying and interacting with your target audience and markets to bring them into your social network and expand your market reach.


Social Media Activity Report:

This powerful monthly reporting keeps you up to date, detailing what we have delivered, changes in the number of followers and connections, and the success rate of specific campaigns.


Analysis and Recommendation:

Deep analysis into the current campaign as well as platform and industry changes. We then develop specific strategies to position your business to take advantage of these changes.


Automated Risk and Security Software:

Exclusive licensed software that protects your company against identity theft and inappropriate or false posts on your profiles.


Real-Time Sentiment Tracking and Reporting:

Specialised software that monitors the perception of your brand throughout the Internet. Provides real-time feedback on the impact of marketing campaigns and business activity. This can also be utilized to provide in-depth competitive analysis against key brands in your market.


In addition to our social media marketing solutions, you can boost the effectiveness of your online marketing knowledge and marketing with…


• Expert Social Media Training – Learn how to use social media for your business, risk and rewards
• Social Media Workshops – Business marketing using social media, social media policy setting
• Website and SEO – Increase traffic to your site by refining your SEO
• Crisis/Incident Management – Correcting and protecting your brand
• Additional Security Services to protect your business
• Proactive marketing campaigns using TigerPistol, ePrize, Wildfire tools



Thinking of implementing a social media marketing campaign? Maybe you have a social media strategy under way or you want a second opinion before you get started?


Whatever your social media marketing need, whatever your question, to find out how your business can take advantage of the power of social media, call us at 1300 199 320 or email us at and we’ll provide more information on how we can help you attract more leads, engage and connect with the right people as quickly as possible.




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