How Small and Large Businesses Can Benefit from Using Facebook Chatbots

How Small and Large Businesses Can Benefit from Using Facebook Chatbots

How Small and Large Businesses Can Benefit from Using Facebook Chatbots

Chatbots have been with us for some time now. Although in different forms, we have interacted with chatbots in many situations. One incredibly popular type of chatbot is the automated customer-service robots which help callers navigate through several options when they call certain numbers. However, these bots have grown in popularity ever since Facebook gave a green light for branded chatbots to be integrated into the Facebook messenger app.

When it comes to these chatbots, we have two types; the informational chatbots such as Siri and the branded ones that are mainly used for service. This technology has come a long way since its inception. Especially due to the advances in artificial intelligence, these bots can learn from people’s behavior and mimic a human conversation with up to 90% accuracy. One of the things that successful businesses have in common is the early adoption of game-changing technologies into their businesses. Statistics have shown that by the end of 2020, nearly all businesses will have embraced chatbots to boost revenues. So, how can a chatbot benefit your business?

Customer service

Customer service is a vital part of any business. The way you serve your customers largely determines whether or not they will come back to your store again. We can all relate to a time where we were on the phone listening to Muzak while waiting for a customer care agent to pick the call. While it might be a working method, it is quickly being overtaken by time. This generation is accustomed to doing everything online, and that will not change. Chatbots are incredibly useful in this respect since they offer instant help and are incredibly versatile. By adopting a chatbot, you will communicate with your client better and even during the hours where there is no representative on the phone.


Data is the driving force of marketing today. Unlike the days of old, marketing today needs to be personal and direct. As such chatbots are becoming increasingly popular for companies that are smart about their sales optimization and marketing strategies. Forbes reported that chatbots could be programmed to monitor client data and track the purchase patterns of users. This means you save on hiring analysts to tell you which products to market more, which to market differently and which ones to redevelop. Furthermore, Facebook collects a lot of information from their users. As such, a robust and accurate messenger database will significantly benefit the business. Since more than a billion users are on Facebook, this database will replace email marketing databases and become a lot more valuable as time passes.

Customer interaction

To retain clients, it’s essential that the business interacts with the clients effectively. Most companies adopt a passive form of communication with their clients. As such, they only respond when the client reaches out. However, research has shown that 83% of shoppers need support while shopping online. A chatbot can then be programmed to reach out to shoppers and inquire as to whether the client needs any assistance or not. This boosts the customer’s confidence in the brand and store which can translate to referrals which as gold in business.

Saves the business money

The point of running a successful business is ensuring that everything is running smoothly and that resources are appropriately utilized. Big businesses will probably have a big staff of customer care representatives to take care of the incoming requests. However, companies can become more profitable by cutting the expenditure they use on such a large staff. Since chatbots are getting smarter, you will only need a few representatives to answer questions which the bot cannot. Furthermore, a fully functional chatbot is much cheaper than creating a cross-platform app for your shoppers.


Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular given their merits. To maximize sales opportunities, it’s crucial that a business takes advantage of the potential brought about by these messenger chatbots. Facebook has more than a billion daily active users. For a company, this is an untapped market. Sooner rather than later, social media marketing will surpass all other types of marketing. Organizations are already seeing the impact. Why not join the winning team and expand your business?

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